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Pre-Registration & Double Vaccination required

We are required for all participants in our In Person classes to be double vaccinated.


We have limited available space for In-Person classes in order to maintain social distance, and we require all attendees to pre-register and fill out an online waiver with Covid pre-screening questions prior to attending.


Masks will need to be worn upon entrance and exit of the building but once you are sitting on your mat, the mask can come off.

Think of your mat as your own little island. When you need to leave it, your mask will need to placed back on, but while you're on your little oasis, your mask can come off.


The hired cleaners are coming to Acadia Hall after each rental and will be throughly cleaning and sanitizing all high touch surfaces after each rental time. 

We will have a sanitation station set up at the entrance and the washrooms are open (we just ask that only one person use at a time).

mats and props

Sadly we can no longer provide you with loaner props. This means you'll have to come to class with all the things you like to have on hand to support your practice.


If there's things you like to use but haven't been able to find, please let us know and we'll see if we can help you out.

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